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Phone of the dead


8G Phones yesterday unveiled their prototype for the first ever compact mobile phone to have the ability to phone up the deceased.

The first ever of it’s kind was shown at the mobile trade fair in London. The new handset, which is half the size of even the smallest normal mobile phone on the market today, is called the ‘8G Mobile Séance’.

The skeptical onlooking public were astounded as they showed the phone in demonstration.

Whilst connected through a speaker system they called up numerous dead people, the first to answer was Benny Hill, famous dead comedian.

He talked to several members of the shocked crowd about what he is not up to in the after life.

He said he had been working hard on the comedy circuit doing his old slapstick comedy.

“The routines go down a treat” he said, “We still do the sketch where I am chased by fillys and slap the old guy on the head

“It has everybody in stitches and I, still, to this day, get requests to sing Ernie the Fastest Milkcart in the West.”

Even though the ‘8G Mobile Séance’ is widely thought to be a hoax, a BT spokesperson said they are taking the new scientific breakthrough very seriously, as it is going to cost a fortune to print a ‘Phone Book Of The Dead’, as there are so many people to list.

By Cat Onion News Team

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