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Domestic Man of the Year Award


What do Sven Goran Ericsson, Peter Stringfellow and Micheal Douglas have in common?

Why, they’ve all received nominations for Domestic Man of the Year award 2008!

Third place, Michael Douglas irons to perfection. Second place Stringfellow, is the bees knees at hoovering and dusting.

But in first place is Sven, who’s mopping, scrubbing and window cleaning are second to none.

Voters were all women who had lived with male celebrities who had shown outstanding contributions towards domestic chores.

Katherine Zeta Jones commented: “I’ve never known a man get down a pile of ironing with such ease, it makes my knees go weak”

Peter Stringfellow’s girlfriends all agree that he’s the speediest and most entertaining vacuumer they’d ever seen.

He does the hoovering in a leopard-skin thong and nothing else which adds interest to the chore.

Nancy, Ulrika and the Stringfellow women all agree that Sven’s swift and throrough bottoming in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge is to be seen to be believed.

“Any woman would be a lucky lady to have had Sven in action in their household” Nancy enthused. “When he starts a on a job – he’ll plough away until it’s well and truly gleaming”

By Cat Onion News Team

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