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A helping hand to eye co-ordination


British researchers, lead by Dr Andy Shank, in Sheffields leading Eye Research Unit, were assessing possible links between low and high masturbation by a group of male adults in Sheffield.

The men were brought in for the experiment and it was found that extremely frequent masturbation could increase their eyesight and even rid them of having to use bi-focals or lenses.

Dr Shank Said “We have found, chemicals on the surface of the retina can build up, if men and woman do not ejaculate regularly.

“Also in the results it is fair to say that sexual intercourse may have the same protective effect to the eyes if done as frequently.” but this is almost a physical impossibility.

The researchers relieved over 1,000 men who wore glasses and 1,000 who didn’t, and it showed that the men who didn’t wear glasses ejaculated at least a pint more seamen over the men who wore glasses, the scientists found the results astounding.

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