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Big Foot and the Hendersons wins Mercury Prize


Ladbrookes-longshot Big Foot and the Hendersons is the shock winner of this year’s Mercury Music awards. Big Foot, the velvet-voiced warbler, expressed his surprise at the outcome as he humbly accepted the much-coverted muso award last night. “It’s rediculous to choose a winner really” he gushed “it’s like the choosing between a tiarra or a turkey-baster or the yeti or the sasquatch, we all deserve to win”

Big Foot’s acclaimed album “I am a monkey now” has limited appeal according to the ” MNEs editor – Ben Dover. He commented, “This album will appeal more to yoddi’s and the pearls and twin set. I’m afraid his big ugly mug will not be gracing our cover – ever.”

Last week’s controversy over the nationality of the hairy big hearted singer can now be put to rest. Cat Onion, sent undercover, has tested Bigfoot with the ForeginometerĀ® Ā and can reveal him to be a true Brit, originating from Snowdonia.

By Cat Onion News Team

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