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Bushwacka Investigates Himself


George Bush’wacka has lead an investigation into his own failings during the relief operations in New Orleans and found himself to be #SadlyLacking in any kind of Presidential skills.

“I found myself to be apathetic to the plight of the American citizens who I bigotedly considered ‘inferior’ because they were black and poor.” he said yesterday.

“I was shocked at my own self actions” he said “I know I’ve always been greedy and autocratic racist but I did used to like The Rhythm & Blues of the early 60s! before discovering Dolly Parton, I’m sadly disappointed with the final report of my ‘Bushwacka Trial-Gate’ to find out that I’m quite a sorry ‘piece of work’ as a President!

“This whole in one situation, has lead me to believe that I haven’t had my eye on the ball, and If I am going to score a hole in one with the American public, I may have to spend a little more time on the golf course to recticify the situationism!” As for my future for this Americano Presidentay, I guess we’ll have to watch the birdy! His advisors advised him to have a word with himself.

By Cat Onion News Team

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