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Devil makes work for ‘idol’ hands


A new talent show on ITV6, is coming out this year to find the best comedian writer in England, the show is to be named “Eric Idol” named after famous Monty python comedian.

The contestants will have to come up with surreal on the spot gags and live performances, and will be judged by a panel of dead comedians through the new ‘8G Mobile Séance’ phone, amongst the panellists will be comedian Kenneth Everett, Eric Idol (the only still living panellist), Benny Hill and of course the brains behind the whole thing the dead parrot from Monty python.

The contestants will also have to write a winning comedy script for a proposed new Monty python movie, “And now for something completely commercial”; the contestants will be judged on a series of nail biting tests, from dressing up as woman and talking in squeaky voices! And also doing a version of the very dead, dead parrot sketch! Amongst other things.

Michael palin, Sheffield born ex-python said “it’s terrible what folk will do to get ratings these days” None of original cast, except the dead parrot! Have backed the idea!

But it is rumoured that, Simon Cowhill, is suing “Eric Idol” the show, claiming the idea which was nicked By him from opportunity knocks in the 70s, now belongs to his company Cowhill & Co and the million dollar idea Is rightfully his, the case continues!

By Cat Onion News Team

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