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F**king b**tard Sweary Fashion


The fashion giant France Connection have launched their new “sweary” fashion range this week. Following the success of their cnut range with chavs and duffers – which nearly spells a rude word – with the letters muddled up… they have followed on this successful theme by launching items of clothing emblazing words that are not quite swearing but certainly sound rude! Hoping to attract more stupid customers.

Self proclaimed King of the chavs Micky Carrel has have been parading down the catwalks of fashion shows this week donning t-shirts displaying statements such as “Pluff Doggy Style”, “Frikken Hell”, “Cocknocker”, “Piggin DogRat” and “Chuff”

The swarey collection has even a children’s range of cute miniature clothing for 2-8 year-old with words such as “bum”, “poo”, “bobbar” and “wee wee” on them. The children’s range has been tipped to be even more successful than the adult sweary range as children are even now pleading their parents for the clothing which hasn’t even arrived yet in some stores, and cost upto one hundred and fifty pounds a shirt.

Viv Westwood spoke out yesterday saying “this isn’t F**king b**tard Sweary Fashion, It’s quite understandable why children crave for these clothes as they are immature – but F**k knows why adults want them”.

By Cat Onion News Team

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