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Queen Of Hearts In Slice Of Toast.

Students from the Sheffield Halls of Residence were astounded last weekend after retrieving their brekky from their toaster, just about to tuck – in, they noticed the image of the deceased Princess Diana imprinted in the toasted bread!

One of the stunned students Jeff Jefferson commented “I couldn’t bring myself to spread marmite on her face or even take a bite, it seemed almost… blasphemous!”

Jeff decided to save it, even though it was the last slice of bread in the house and he was starving. “I wondered if it was some sort of sign or message from the ghost of Dianna trying to communicate with us somehow?”

“Maybe she’s asking the world not to forget her beautiful face, and remember how she was hounded by the press and how she was used to make vast amounts of money through her image, also I was shocked how easy it was for me to sell it on ebay for £2000” commented Jeff.

“But, It was probably what she would have wanted.”

By Cat Onion News Team

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